EcoHouse Tour plus Clinic: Solar Energy for All Incomes 6/12/11

Come get inspired and learn new skills at the EcoHouse with a tour of the site and gardens. Begin at 10am with a tour of the Ecology Center’s EcoHouse demonstration site and learn about simple improvements that can be made to green an urban home. The tour includes: Berkeley’s first city-permitted wetland / greywater system, rainwater cistern and water catchment strategies, a washing machine greywater system, a living roof garden, organic permaculture gardening, solar panels, on-demand and solar water heater, natural and recycled building materials, native drought tolerant plants, mushroom cultivation, earthworks raingarden, drip irrigation, and more. Round out the day with the afternoon clinic on “Solar Energy for All Incomes” with Justin Mongroo of Real Goods Solar. Justin will talk about the various ways that solar can be affordable, the state and federal rebates available, financing options, and how to analyze your return on investment. Click here to pre-register.

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