Día de los Muertos & All Hallow’s Eve Celebration at South Berkeley Farmers’ Market, 10/27/15

20151022diadelosmuertosA special annual event is returning to the South Berkeley Farmers’ Market on Tuesday, October 27 from 2 – 6pm. Please invite your family and friends, and bring an offering for the altar, and join the celebration!

Autumn is a season of change: where life makes way for death in order for life to continue. Our neighborhood is replete with history and deeply interwoven traditions. We celebrate this time of transition in many ways. For many Latinos, the sacred tradition of Día de los Muertos honors the lives of loved ones who have passed away, especially those that have fallen in the struggle for social justice. This is a time when the world of the the living and the world of the dead are closest together. For Europeans, All Hallow’s Eve marked the time of the year when the spirits of those we’ve lost come back and play tricks on the living if they are not appeased with candy. This tradition has become halloween, where we dress up in costume and eat our spirits’ candy!

Artist Emma Gomez will build a traditional altar honoring those that have gone before us. If you would like to honor a loved one, please bring something that represents them to place on the altar. Possible contributions include photos, notes, flowers (marigolds are traditional), food, and drinks. She and her students will also bring sugar skulls to decorate!

There will also be:
– performance by Aztec dance troupe Cuauhtli Mitotiani Mexica
– arts and craft stations
– speakers honoring lost community members
– face painting
– costume making
– and more!

Join us in celebrating this harvest season where ends are beginnings and we recognize those who have come before us. For more details on this free event, click here.

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