Compost Happens: Compost 101 at the EcoHouse, 11/2/14

20141029compostDo you know how hardworking compost is? It builds up the things we want – healthy soils that retain water, sequester carbon, and grow nutrient-dense plants – and reduces the things we don’t, like food waste, synthetic fertilizers, and greenhouse gas emissions. The best way to get up close with compost is to try it yourself. People with yards and apartment dwellers alike can learn how easy it is to transform your green waste into “gardeners’ gold”. This hands-on workshop is for everyone, and will cover both basic and worm composting. Master Composter Lori Caldwell will teach you to make, harvest and use these valuable soil building tools in your garden. Lucky house plants will also benefit.

This free workshop is this Sunday, November 2nd, at the EcoHouse. Space is limited, so pre-registration is encouraged. Register by email or phone, click here for details.

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