Coming this February, “From Lightbulbs to Legislation,” Our Interactive, Free Climate Change Series

When it comes to climate change, switching out lightbulbs is only part of the solution. In this three-session series of tours and workshops, we’ll explore the many layers of climate solutions, from greywater systems and living roofs to policy making. All are welcome to sign up and those who have attended previous Ecology Center climate workshops are also encouraged to participate in this new series. Read on for an overview and description of each of the three sessions, and a link to sign up.

Session 1: Nuts and Bolts
Sunday, February 5, 11-1pm
Gather with a small group of community members for a quick primer on climate science, policy, and to swap information, resources and solutions for taking action on climate change.

Session 2: EcoHouse Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Tour
Sunday, February 12, 11-1pm
Draw inspiration from do-it-yourself projects such as our living roof; our ground-breaking constructed wetlands and simple laundry greywater systems; a 1100 gallon rainwater cistern; a native rain garden; natural building; solar panels; a food forest; 3 kinds of compost, and a lot more.

Session 3: Field Day
Saturday, February 18, tour starts at 10am
Get out in the streets, run your hands through the dirt, see and create infrastructure, and let your voice be heard. At this third session, we’ll take a field trip, contribute to a service project, or participate in a political action. February’s Session #3: Tour San Francisco’s recycling center, Recology SF, and its innovative Artist in Residence Program. Hear from Bay Area artists working with discarded materials to conserve natural resources, create stunning art, and promote new ways of thinking about art and the environment. Read more at

To see details on session locations or to find out how to pre-register, click here.


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