City of Oakland Shuts Down Novella Carpenter’s Urban Farmstand

Novella Carpenter, author of Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer, has shut down her Oakland-based farmstand in response to a warning the City is imposing for lacking a conditional use permit to sell chard at her farmstand. “I’m getting in trouble for selling the chard. It is legal to grow vegetables and have various livestock in Oakland,” Carpenter says on her blog. “I haven’t been fined, just threatened.” Click here to read the article from East Bay Express, or here to follow Carpenter’s blog.

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One thought on “City of Oakland Shuts Down Novella Carpenter’s Urban Farmstand

  1. Novella, So VERY sorry to hear this news. Dern! you try so to do a great thing and—–!

    I wanted you to know of our coming CASBA (Cal. Straw Assoc) workshops. go for info. We will be doing a straw root cellar workshop beginning June 22-24 for the first one. Pls. help us spread the word. There is a flyer you can download.They will be in Angels Camp, E. of Stockton/ Modesto.
    if you know of anyone who may be interested they can contact us at: 209-785-7077

    Do you have any ideas where we might post this info? We’d LOVE to get it out there!

    Thanks, Joy Bennett

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