Check Out PEx, a Hub for Jobs, Projects and Ideas with Permaculture Principles (PEx) is a new website designed to be a resource for Permaculture and Transition community members.
PEx is community-driven, with members posting jobs, Request for Proposals (RFPs), project ideas in the incubator and detailed profiles.

The site offers:

  • An integrated approach: Our unique approach blends four project types. We have expanded the original land-design focus for permaculture projects into the following business sectors: land design, business development, creative design and writing, and non-profit and community building.
  • An inclusive approach: Members do not have to have a certificate in Permaculture Design, just the willingness to learn about permaculture principles. It’s free to join the website.
  • New Economy-vision: In committing to the Transition economy, RFPs may include bartering and other forms of exchange other than money.

Check it out!

[Photo by London Permaculture]

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