Big Victory for Market Match, but the Fight Isn’t Over!

We’re excited to share some great news!

Last week, advocates of the Ecology Center-led Market Match program celebrated a significant victory. After months of hard work opposing Governor Newsom’s proposed funding cuts to the program informing legislators about its benefits, the California Legislature announced a plan to protect the California Nutrition Incentive Program (CNIP) in their 2024/25 budget proposal.

Our voices have been heard!

A Huge Thank You to Our Legislative Leaders:

  • Sen. Scott Weiner and Asm. Jesse Gabriel, Senate and Assembly Budget Committee Chairs
  • Sen. Josh Becker and Asm. Steve Bennet, Senate and Assembly budget Subcommittee Chairs
  • Asm. Phil Ting, our longtime champion since creating CNIP in 2015 who circulated a member letter for CNIP, worked on a CNIP op-ed and did much more behind the scenes
  • Asm. Damon Connelly, Assembly budget subcommittee member, and Asm. Cecilia Aguiar Curry, Assembly majority leader, for vocalizing their strong support of CNIP and using their influence behind the scenes

And, of course, a massive thank you to all our supporters who signed petitions, wrote letters, joined calls, and rallied to save Market Match. Together, we are stronger!

The Fight Continues:

We still need your help! We must support the CA Legislature’s plan, and convince Gov. Newsom to protect CNIP funding in the 2024/25 budget. Without the governor’s approval, this progress could be lost!

You can help today! It only takes 30 seconds:

  1. Let’s flood the Governor’s inbox to show support for Market Match (CNIP)
    Take 30 seconds to write the Governor today
    ! The message is pre-written, all you have to do is fill out your name, address and send!
  2. Use Social Media to show support for Market Match (CNIP). We have some great copy-paste ready post content in this social media toolkit!

Why Market Match Matters:

For 15 years, Market Match has matched CalFresh (EBT/food stamps) spending dollar-for-dollar with vouchers for fresh produce at 293 farmers markets, CSAs, mobile markets, and farm stands across the state.

This program has provided hundreds of millions of servings of fruits and vegetables to Californians in need. People like Richard in San Francisco depend on Market Match:

“Am 74 years old on Social Security. Market Match is the only way I can afford to maintain a diet of healthy food.” – Richard, Market Match participant

The program also ensures millions of dollars are spent directly with small CA family farmers who use sustainable agricultural practices. And the program also is part of a federal matching program that brings federal dollars into California.

Market Match is a rare, quadruple-win program that is too valuable to be cut!

Let’s keep the momentum going to Save Market Match!

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