Beyond BPA: Study Shows that Most Plastics Leach Synthetic Estrogens

20140313bpafreeMother Jones published an article in their latest issue that highlights the risk of even BPA-free plastics. They focus on the research of George Bittner, a neurobiologist University of Texas Austin, who has found that a wide range of plastics used in everyday consumer products leach synthetic estrogens. In his study, some BPA-free plastics “released synthetic estrogens that were more potent than BPA.” Along with the full length article, Mother Jones put out a visual guide of Bittner’s findings which brings home the point that most plastics pose health risks when they come in contact with food.
Our takeaway from all this? Risks of a wide array of plastics continue to be studied. BPA has been proven as a risk, but BPA-free isn’t necessarily safer. To protect yourself and your family in the long run, choose plastic-free containers for your food and beverages, and buy in bulk when you can. We’ve been helping consumers find plastic alternatives for years at our Farmers’ Market and in our Store. Check out our handy fact sheet for plastic-free Storing Fruits and Vegetables, and come visit our Store for ideas to replace plastic in your everyday life, including a wide range of items for babies, toddlers and kids.

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