Author Event: Climate Capitalism, with Hunter Lovins 5/12/11

Join us as we welcome L. Hunter Lovins, coauthor of the bestselling Natural Capitalism, to the Ecology Center to speak about her new book, Climate Capitalism. In it, Lovins and sustainability expert Boyd Cohen prove that the best route to rebuilding our economy, our cities, and our job markets, as well as assuring national security, is doing precisely what you would do if you were scared to death about climate change.

Whether you’re the head of a household or the CEO of a multinational corporation, embracing efficiency, innovation, renewables, carbon markets, and new technologies is the smartest decision you can make. It’s the most profitable, too. Climate Capitalism delivers hundreds of in-depth case studies of international corporations, small businesses, NGOs, and municipalities to prove that energy efficiency and renewable resources are already driving prosperity. Corporate executives, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and concerned citizens alike will find profitable ideas within these pages. Click here for more event details.

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