A new place to take your e-waste in downtown Berkeley

In honor of Earth Day, GreenCitizen, a new business accepting electronics for recycling, celebrated its grand opening in downtown Berkeley, at 1971 Shattuck Avenue. The e-waste center accepts computers, printers, televisions, cell phone, batteries, and styrofoam for free or with a small charge depending on the item. Once customers drop off their e-waste, GreenCitizen monitors where each equipment is shipped using a global tracking system: everything they receive is sent to two facilities in California to be recycled or reused. GreenCitizen also performs online and in-store repair services. They’ll be offering free e-waste recycling through May 31st, Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. Click here to read the full article covered by Berkeleyside.

[Photo by Raymond Yee]

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3 thoughts on “A new place to take your e-waste in downtown Berkeley

    • GreenCitizen on Shattuck Ave, Berkeley has closed. Alameda County residents can use RecycleWhere.Org, a specialized search engine to find places to drop off their difficult-to-recycle materials, including microwaves. According to the search results, a Berkeley resident can take their microwave to the following places: Berkeley Transfer Station, and have arranged pick-up from the City of Berkeley (they provide one free annual bulky pick-up). The search result lists many more locations for drop-off in the county.

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