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The story of how a community stood up for children’s health against one of the world’s most powerful industries – and won. Please watch the film and help grow the movement by passing it on via your social network channels, blogs, websites, and email lists. We also encourage its use for screenings at convenings, hearings, and campaign rallies.

Like Coke Or Pepsi? Wait Until You Hear What They’re Doing

Robert Reich breaks down the facts on Berkeley’s Measure D, Big Soda’s tactics and outrageous spending, and tells the story of his encounter with a No on D pollster. As Robert Reich says, “If Berkeley can defeat Big Soda, it will be a win that’s about more than just soda – it will say to Big Money, you can’t push citizens around – our voices are going to be heard!.”

Director / Producer: Jacob Kornbluth
Writer / Talent: Robert Reich

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Together, Berkeley Can Beat Big Soda

Hear from your Berkeley neighbors about why they support Measure D, the Berkeley soda tax, and get inspired to support children’s health in our community.
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Kids & Soda: A Predatory Relationship

The following videos were filmed Saturday, September 13 on the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, CA as part of the Soda Series event Soda & Kids: A Predatory Relationship & How We Can Fight Back. These as well as other videos from the Soda & Kids event can be found here.

Lori Dorfman, Director of the Berkeley Media Studies Group, shares her research on soda industry marketing, and how they have become the number one educator influencing what kids drink.

Diabetes is an issue of social justice. In this video, Xavier Morales, Director of Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, makes the case for why action is needed to protect health, with especially high stakes for Latinos and other communities of color.

Berkeley vs. Big Soda: United at City Council

At the February 11th Berkeley City Council meeting, community leaders gave moving testimonies in support of putting a soda tax on the November 2014 ballot. Later, on July 1, City Council unanimously supported putting the tax (now known as Measure D) on the ballot.
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