Press Coverage

A sample of recent media coverage about Berkeley’s soda tax – click on the links to read the full articles. 

“Council approves $1.5M to fight soda consumption,” Berkeleyside, 1/20/16

“Britain is fighting childhood obesity with a new soda tax,” Vox, 3/17/16

“Are you pre-diabetic? 46% of California adults are, UCLA study finds,” Los Angeles Times, 3/10/16

“More expensive soda? Lawmakers want to tax sugary drinks,” Los Angeles Times, 3/8/16

“Supervisor takes cue from Berkeley with new try at soda tax,” San Francisco Chronicle, 2/19/16

“Yes, soda taxes seem to cut soda drinking,” New York Times, 10/13/15

“When soda taxes fail: Coca-Cola, Pepsi spent $100M against public health initiatives, new analysis shows,” International Business Times, 8/25/15

“Mexico’s soda tax is working. The US should learn from it,” Wired, 7/13/15

“Berkeley Soda Tax Brings in $116,000 in First Month,” KQED State of Health, 5/19/15

“Op-ed: The Berkeley tax may have passed, but the campaign has not ended for Big Soda,” Berkeleyside, 3/19/15

“Berkeley Officials Outspent but Optimistic in Battle over Soda Tax,” New York Times, 10/7/14

“Photo essay: Berkeley, a city consumed by a soda tax,” Berkeleyside, 10/29/14

“Soda-Makers Try To Take Fizz Out Of Bay Area Tax Campaigns,” NPR, 10/27/14

“Berkeley’s Efforts to Pass Measure D, The Soda Tax,” Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, 10/22/14

“Big Soda Is Totally Freaking Out About This Local Ordinance,” Mother Jones, 10/20/14

“In Berkeley, Soda Tax Measure Is New Front in Social Activism,” The California Report, KQED, 10/20/14

“Big Soda Is Outspending Its Opposition 10-to-1 to Fight a Soda Tax in Berkeley,” The Nation, 10/14/14

“Beverage companies spend $1.675 million to defeat Berkeley soda tax,” Berkeleyside, 10/9/14

“Soda Battle By The Bay: Beverage Industry Opens Its Wallet But Is $9 Million Enough To Beat Soda Taxes In Berkeley And San Francisco?,” Forbes, 10/10/14

“The Next Battleground for Soda,” New York Times, 10/7/14

“Berkeley Versus Big Soda”, East Bay Express, 10/1/14

“SF’s Proposition E and Berkeley’s Measure D: Soda Taxes”, KQED Forum, 9/29/14

“If Berkeley can’t pass a soda tax, who can?”,, 9/29/14

“Berkeley vs. Big Soda”, Huffington Post, 9/9/14

“Can Berkeley take the fizz out of Big Soda?”, Edible East Bay, Fall 2014

“Introducing the National Soda Tax”, New York Times, 7/29/14

“Nation’s First Soda Tax Could Come to Berkeley”, Washington Post, 7/3/14

“Berkeley Voters Will Weigh in on Sugary Drink Tax in November”, LA Times, 7/2/14

“Berkeley puts sugar tax on the November ballot; could be first city in country to take on Big Soda”, Berkeleyside, 7/2/14

“Soda Tax Myths: Is a New Tax ‘The Last Thing’ Berkeley Needs?”, Beyond Chron, 6/30/14 

“Activists Push for Berkeley Soda Tax,” East Bay Express, 6/17/14 

“California city to consider taxing soda to combat obesity,” Reuters, 6/11/14 

“California Cities Gear Up to Fight ‘Big Soda,'” InterPress Service, 4/2/14 

“The Low Down: Berkeley council on minimum wage increase, mini-dorms, ballot measures, more,” Berkeleyside, 4/1/14

“Soda Tax Myths: Does Big Soda Support Free Choice?,” BeyondChron, 3/31/14

“Berkeley School Board set to slash funding for cooking and gardening grogram,” KQED, 3/25/14

“Town hall meeting discusses proposed soda-tax,” KTVU, 3/24/14

“Sweet Dreams to Sugar-Sweetened Sodas: Berkeley May Tax Sugary Beverages to Combat Obesity,” Berkeley Political Review, 3/23/14

“ASUC bill urges support for citywide soda tax to promote healthier community,” Daily Cal, 3/20/14

“Berkeley voters show support for soda tax, other taxes for November ballot,” Daily Cal, 3/17/14

“Berkeley moves towards tax on sugary beverages”, Daily Cal, 2/12/14

“Will Berkeley be first in nation to impose soda tax?,” Berkeleyside, 2/12/14