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October 30, 2014

The environment that we construct affects both humans and our natural world in myriad ways. There is a pressing need to create healthy places and to reduce the health threats inherent in places already built. However, there has been little awareness of the adverse effects of what we have constructed-or the positive benefits of well designed built environments.

Join SSF on October 30th in a rare opportunity to listen in on a conversation between two of the thought leaders in public health and urban planning  and design —   UCLA Professor Richard Jackson co-author of Urban Sprawl and Public Health and co-editor of Making Healthy Places; and Tim Beatley of the University of Virginia and author of Biophilic Cities and Blue Urbanism  plus several other books on urban and environmental planning.

The session will be moderated by Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Pubic Health Association, which is co-producing the webinar.

Register online.

Date: October 30, 2014 9:45 am