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Location in Oakland
Oakland, CA, United States

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January 11, 2015

“Loving yourself is a political act. We are taught not to love ourselves, and from that place we are easily manipulated.”
Rita Shimmin
UNtraining co-founder

The UNtraining is a provocative and compassionate approach to help people discover how to work together in extraordinary ways to end our collusion with racism and all forms of oppression. The UNtraining provides insights and tools for all levels of experience and activism to white people and people of color.

UNtraining groups generally engage in the following path:

Two facilitators – Facilitators are trained UNtraining teachers, trained UNtraining teaching assistants, and teachers invited from other disciplines.
Minimum number of participants in a group is 6.
Six-month commitment to work together.

Progressive cycles of training are available.
Six monthly meetings constitute a cycle of training. The meetings are 3-5 hours duration, totaling 18 to 30 hours of training per cycle. Participants must start with the first phase. Groups are heavily experiential, with didactic, contextual material also delivered. The UNtraining also produces invitation-only events and an introductory public workshop.

Date: January 11, 2015 8:00 am