EU Bans Insecticide Fipronil to Protect Bees

EU Bans Insecticide Fipronil to Protect Bees
Fipronil has been added to the list of pesticides banned in the EU in an attempt to halt declining bee populations. Bee colony collapse has been linked to use of a certain class of pesticides, called neonicotinoids. Head to this article in the Guardian for more on Europe’s move. We posted a few weeks ago… Read more »

The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control, 8/8/13

The Gardener's Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control, 8/8/13
Join us on Thursday, August 8th, from 7 pm – 9 pm, at the Ecology Center to hear about solutions for managing garden pests. Recently revised, “The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control” is an update of the popular book, originally published in 1995, for 21st century gardeners. This guide offers alternatives to pesticides, using… Read more »

Tell Congress to Save America’s Pollinators

Tell Congress to Save America's Pollinators
Beyond Pesticides is championing a new effort to create national protection for bees and insect pollinators. The proposed bill comes after 50,000 bees died in an Oregon parking lot last month, due to application of neonicotinoid pesticides. Read their call to action, contact your congressperson, and spread the word! On July 17th, Representatives John Conyers… Read more »

Report Links Children’s Health to Pesticide Exposure

Report Links Children's Health to Pesticide Exposure
Learning disabilities, childhood cancer and asthma are on the rise in the United States. And a new report from Pesticide Action Network (PAN) points to pesticides – with over 1 billion pounds applied on farms and homes annually – as a critical contributor to these health harms in children. The report, “A Generation in Jeopardy:… Read more »