California’s Cap-and-Trade Law Is Slowly Raising the Price of Carbon

California's Cap-and-Trade Law Is Slowly Raising the Price of Carbon
After the latest auction of greenhouse gas emission “allowances” under the state’s cap-and-trade law, the trend of slowly rising carbon prices at auction show that the new system is working. What’s working for the new system less well is Gov. Jerry Brown – he has  “borrowed” funds raised from these auctions to balance the General… Read more »

Support Nancy Skinner’s “Saving Energy, Saving Our Schools” AB 1186

Support Nancy Skinner's "Saving Energy, Saving Our Schools" AB 1186
Assembly member Nancy Skinner has introduced legislation that would help our schools save lots of money in the future by investing in energy efficiency upgrades today. AB 1186 establishes a dedicated school energy efficiency program for deep energy retrofits of public K-12 schools. Districts that have made similar upgrades have saved hundreds of thousands of… Read more »

The Economist: the End of America’s Coal Era?

The Economist: the End of America's Coal Era?
EarthJustice blogger Brian Smith says, “When an environmental organization tells you the age of coal is over, it’s fair to dismiss that as mere wishful thinking. But when an international economic magazine says the same thing, people sit up and pay attention.” The Economist recently published “A Burning Issue,” an article heralding the beginning of… Read more »