Happy Quail Farm

Jim Talboy and Tom Von Tersh

IIn the spring of 1971, Jim Talboy was given his first six beehives, which he placed in a semi-wild area of Redwood City. Since then he has become an avid beekeeper, and he has built up his operation by buying bees, catching swarms, and removing many bees from unwanted places. He strives to place his bees in
permanent, healthy, productive areas on the San Francisco peninsula.

Jim believes in limited intervention, and believes that his role as beekeeper is to provide space for the bees to raise their young and store their honey. He only takes surplus honey from his hives to ensure that the bees will have enough food and will
continue to prosper from year to year. Happy Quail is one of the Berkeley Farmers’ Markets original vendors, and their raw, unheated honey is very popular with Berkeley customers.

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Markets:Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
Year-Round (Last Saturday of the month, unless it is the last day of the month. So IN on Nov 23rd, NOT Nov 30th)Product: Honey, beeswax and beeswax candles, and peppers and dried peppers from David Winsberg’s farmFarmer's Name: Jim Talboy and Tom Von Tersh, CAFarm Location:
Hives are placed at various locations in San Mateo County and in Whitethorn, Humboldt County, CADistance From Berkeley:
30 miles (San Mateo County) and 230 miles (Humboldt County)Water Source: Ponds and streamsAbout the Farm:
Happy Quail Farm is a cooperative farm owned by Jim Talboy, Tom Von Tersh, and David Winsberg.Organic Certification: Not Certified OrganicWeed Control: Mowing or hand weedingAcreage: The flight area for honeybees is many thousands of acres.Animal Care Practices: Jim Talboy manages approximately 70 hives. His bees are mostly wild, foraging for food from primarily wild plants. The bees are never fed sugar or corn syrup, they are never used for commercial pollination, and no plastics or chemicals are used within the hives or on the combs. Some of the hives are moved from San Mateo County to Whitethorn, CA in Humboldt County for the summer and winter months.