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Willow Structures in Living Learnscapes: A Workshop for Educators–FULL

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Learn how to build living willow structures with your colleagues, and take your green schoolyard to the next level!

In this day-long workshop, you will learn all of the principles and methods needed to make a living arch, tunnel, dome & bench. We will discuss harvesting techniques & strategies; design & siting; and long-term care & maintenance. Participants will leave with an expanded vision of the sculptural, educational and ecological possibilities inherent in this abundant native material.

Native willow trees are so vigorous that if you cut off a branch and stick it in damp soil, it will start sprouting! Since willow is also a traditional material for making baskets and rustic furniture, there are a wide range of possibilities for creating living woven garden structures. Willows grow widely in roadside ditches and get cut back regularly, so it’s a free material that’s available almost anywhere you go!

Josho Somine is a designer, sculptor, builder and teacher native to the Bay Area. He started working with willow and school gardens in 2000 and has done installations and workshops in diverse sites and communities across the country. He has been active in the national permaculture network since 1997, holds a BFA in sculpture, and a master’s in landscape architecture. He also likes to make baskets in the winter.

To register:

1) Email the following information: name, school, home address (for carpooling), cell phone & dietary restrictions.

2) Send your $50 check payable to OAEC.

Space is limited. Register now!

Saturday, February 8, 2014 9:00 am
Saturday, February 8, 2014 4:30 pm
The Guerneville School
14630 Armstrong Woods Road, Guernville, CA, 95446
$50 per participant. Lunch included.
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