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The Ashby Garden: 10 Years and Growing Strong

This event has passed.

Come See What’s New and Celebrate our Longevity. Potluck, Music, Fun/Work Day. Help us bust out a new greenhouse!

The Ashby Garden Permablitz will start at 10am and last throughout the day. The weatherunderground forecast predicts a sunny day, after a week of rainy, overcast skies, so it should be a time to celebrate (but hope the rain will start up again after this one clear day).

The address is 1350 Ashby, between Mabel & Acton Streets.

We will have 3 projects to work on:
1) Building a 8′ x 15′ greenhouse (strengthen existing structure, lay brick floor, add translucent roofing panels, cover with plastic)

2) Create composting area (clear area, nail together palettes, make signs)

3) Seed saving & planting (mainly for kids, but adults are welcome too)

Currently we are looking for people to assist with the seed saving activity. We have some saved seed pods (more are welcome if you have them) baby food jars and envelopes for storing the seeds, and markers & stickers for labeling and decorating. If you are interested, please email me.

We will have some music to help set the pace, and a pot luck to keep us going. Food items are much appreciated.

We hope you can come out to see the garden and celebrate this transformation of an abandoned lot into a small-scale, volunteer-run urban farmlet.

In case the rain does continue on through Sunday, the event will be cancelled and rescheduled.

Sunday. February 16, 2014 10:00 am
Ashby Community Garden
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1350 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA, 94702
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