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Shaping San Francisco Talk: Becoming a Biodiversity City

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As Biophilic Cities are becoming a part of international consciousness, urban spaces are adding green roofs and elevated walking paths that traverse urban canopies, even daylighting creeks. How does San Francisco fit into all this? Could San Francisco could become a City of Biodiversity? Do we use the great work done by other cities as inspiration to celebrate our relationship with the natural world, or in friendly competition with them to become the “greenest”? How can San Franciscans better celebrate the vast array of biodiversity, ecological activism, and collective natural history knowledge among us? Moderated by Rebecca Johnson of California Academy of Sciences, with Ali Sant of Studio for Urban Projects, Elizabeth Creely, a writer whose work looks at restoration, how aesthetic values shape our landscapes, and biodiversity, and Ruth Gravanis, of the SF Environment Commission. Co-sponsored by Nature in the City.

Wednesday. February 5, 2014 7:30 pm
The Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics
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518 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110
(415) 863-9977
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