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Parched California

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At the end of spring, before dry season was even set to start, record-breaking wildfires raged in Southern California. In August, the Rim fire grew larger than the city of Chicago and threatened San Francisco’s electricity and water supplies. This parched state is affecting everyone, whether fires reach their doorsteps or not.

Meanwhile, the declining Sierra snowpack and erratic rain patterns raise serious questions about slaking the thirst of California’s growing population. Solutions include improved water efficiency, new methods of rainwater capture and storage, and even controversial measures such as toilet-to-tap and desalination. Balancing urban, rural, residential and commercial claims on water could be a new flashpoint in the state’s legendary water wars. During a climate shift that will only worsen summer dry conditions, how can Californians prepare for the future?

Join in for a discussion on California’s statewide water outlook in an era of climate disruption.

Thursday. November 14, 2013 5:30 pm
The Commonwealth Club, SF Club Office
595 Market Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94105
$20 non-members, $12 members, $7 students
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