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BuildWell Conference

This event has passed.

The BuildWell concept is to host a gathering that is intimate, high-level, and focused on the materials of architecture. Not because design, systems, energy and other things don’t matter — they certainly do — but because the stuff of building is such a rich and important subject in itself, fundamental to any discussion of energy, industry, architecture and health.

BuildWell 2010 emerged as one of the best events in memory for those who attended, and the results have been lasting and real. Among other things, BuildWell prompted Google to give three million dollars in support of transparency in labeling green building materials. This is where you can learn many new things, but more importantly meet the people who are effective innovators building a clean, low-carbon future.

BuildWell 2014 is limited to 150 participants. Registration details online.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Saturday, March 22, 2014
Cavallo Point
Sausalito, CA, 94965
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