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Tree service. Services include the pruning of trees and the removal of trees. Very friendly; highly recommended by…
510 526-8733
Hamilton Tree Service Inc.
Certified arborists with over 50 years experience. Work on small and large tree jobs. Services include: pruning, tree…
925 228-1010
P.O. Box 5927
Concord, CA 94524
Institute of Urban Homesteading
Classes in gardening, beekeeping, urban animal husbandry, canning, food preservation, fermenting and culturing, brewcraft, herbal medicines, greywater, natural…
510 927-3252
Oakland, CA
Johunna Grayson
Aesthetic pruning service.…

415 517-0034
Laura Alber Urban Forest Consulting
Provides tree consulting services including: tree health assessments, insect/disease diagnosis and treatment, preservation guidelines, arborist reports. Uses IPM…

510 220-5400
Oakland, CA