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The Bay Area is blessed with a mild climate that permits year-round gardening, but many of us don’t get the urge to plant until Spring warms up our soil.

Able Exterminators
Mainly conventional termite control, can also use alternative methods, including orange oil. Must ask about the method used…
408 251-6500
68 N. Sunset Ave.
San Jose, CA 95150
Bay Counties Termite and Pest Control
Monitoring, exclusion, sanitation, baits, least-toxic pesticides as a last resort. General structural pest management. Customer must ask about…
707 829-1515
620 Gold Ridge Rd.
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Bio Integral Resource Center BIRC
BIRC publishes journals on least- and nontoxic pest control; people can submit pest questions online to their experts.…
510 524-2567
POB 7414
Berkeley, CA 94707
Dewey Pest Control
General structural pest management. Drywood termites; borates. Subterranean termites; borates. Heat. Termite baits. Offers IPM (Integrated Pest Management)…
877 339-3973
939 East Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91106-1716
Killroy Pest Control Sensitive Solutions
General structural pest management. Their Sensitive Solutions (“green”) service includes inspection, repairs (exclusion), bait (outdoors) and trapping (indoors),…
888 545-5769
1175 Dell Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008