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611 EcoVillage

A residential ecovillage on 32nd and Martin Luther King Blvd. in Oakland.…

611 32nd Street
Oakland, CA 94609
Abode Services

Their mission is to assist low-income un-housed people to secure stable, supportive housing, and to advocate for the…
510 657-7409
40849 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94536
Barrington Collective

Publishes online the San Francisco Coop Housing Directory.…
Bay Area Community Land Trust

Their vision: permanently affordable, resident-owned cooperative housing communities that will benefit workers, families, students, seniors, disabled, and other…
510 545-3258
P.O. Box 1004
Berkeley, CA 94701
Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Resources for renters. Provides free Landlord-Tenant mediation services.
Office Hours:
Mon; Tues; Thurs; Fri: 9am – 4:45pm
510 981-7368
2125 Milvia St.
Berkeley, CA 94704