EBT Resources

Editable handouts and forms for use setting up your EBT system.

To request handouts and forms in any other format, please contact ebtassist@ecologycenter.org

NEW!  Beautifully branded informational and outreach materials for use at your market and in your community. These bilingual materials may be downloaded and printed for free. For each, a BLEED (for a professional printer) and NO-BLEED (for in-house printing) version is provided.

FREE! Pre-printed banner (old version), pins and coupons for use at your market and in your community. To request free materials by mail, please contact ebtassist@ecologycenter.org

  • This 2′ x 5′ bilingual English/Spanish banner, visually depicts the scrip/central POS model (using wooden tokens) and is a great addition to your information booth or EBT station.
  • We Gladly Accept Your EBT pins can be worn by both vendors and market staff. The pins, which picture the CA EBT card, are available in two versions: 1) red, heart-shaped strawberry flesh background; or, 2)  green background.
  • Customizable coupons for your market to hand-out in your community as incentives. If you print these on both sides of the page and cut them in half, you will have half-page handouts.