4-H Program Sonoma County

4-H Clubs are made up of youth and adults who plan, implement, and evaluate an annual plan of programs, projects, and activities. Youth officers lead the clubs under the guidance of an adult community club leader. Clubs meet monthly and provide a forum for organizing events and project activities for youth members. Parents and adult volunteers lead projects in a wide range of learning-by-doing interest areas. Project Based Learning curriculum are described for the following project areas: Animal Sciences (Small and Large); Arts & Leisure; Consumer Sciences; Engineering and Technology; Personal & Social Development; Plant Sciences; Resource Sciences.

Website: cesonoma.ucdavis.edu/Youth_Development/Email: 4hfoundation@sbcglobal.netPhone: 707 565-2681 (4-H Secretary)Mailing Address:6445 Commerce Boulevard
Rohnert Park, CA 94928Date Updated: 11/12/2009