Bay Area EcoCalendar

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Ecology Center Events

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Date Title Location
5/11/2017 Community Choice 101 Berkeley
5/13/2017 Laundry to Landscape: Hands-on Graywater Workshop (Walnut Creek) Walnut Creek
5/20/2017 Albany Beach Cleanup and Sand Globe Event: Hands Across the Sand Gathering Albany
5/20/2017 Info Session: Alameda County Healthy Homes Department – Lead Hazard Repair Grants Berkeley
5/21/2017 On the Wings of the Butterfly Berkeley

Community Events

Date Title Location
through 5/31/2017 ROOTS: Reclaiming Origins Of Traditional Sustainability El Sobrante
through 8/26/2017 Workshop Series: Growing Food for Beginners
through 6/25/2017 The Edible Schoolyard Academy Berkeley
through 4/28/2017 Building with Earth and Straw Part 2: Earthen Floors & Plasters Capay Valley
through 5/5/2017 Building with Earth and Straw Part 3: Natural Finishes Capay Valley
through 5/3/2017 Bay-Friendly Training and Qualification for Rating Landscapes
through 6/19/2017 Course: International Economic Tools for Conservation Berkeley
through 12/2/2017 GARDEN: Literacy for Environmental Justice San Francisco
through 6/12/2017 6-month Immersion in Ecological Land Management: The Ecological Landscaper Immersion Program Sebastopol
through 6/19/2017 Laytonville Ecovillage Sustainability Immersion Part I: Permaculture Laytonville
through 6/26/2017 Laytonville Ecovillage Sustainability Immersion Part II: Natural Building and Rocket Stoves Laytonville
through 7/3/2017 Laytonville Ecovillage Sustainability Immersion Part III: Green Building and Solar Technologies Laytonville
through 7/10/2017 Laytonville Ecovillage Sustainability Immersion Part IV: Intentional Communities Laytonville
through 5/20/2017 Essential Carpentry: Power Tools, Joinery, Homebuilding Craft Berkeley
through 4/30/2017 Annual Buckeye Gathering Oroville
through 7/8/2017 Dyeing with Indigo and Oak Galls with Ashley Eva Brock Sebastopol
through 6/19/2017 School Garden Teacher Training Occidental
through 5/15/2017 Enrollment Period for Ecology Action: Grow Biointensive Two Month Internship Palo Alto
through 5/15/2017 Enrollment Period for Ecology Action: 9 Part Summer Course Series Palo Alto
through 9/30/2017 Regenerative Design Institute: Permaculture Design Course Bolinas
through 4/26/2017 WITHIN in Conversation Oakland
through 4/26/2017 San Francisco Green Film Festival San Francisco
4/25/2017 Re-Fashion Workshop: Mending, Natural Dyeing, and Embroidery El Cerrito
4/25/2017 Alameda School Board Earth Day Presentation And Sustainability Resolution Alameda
4/25/2017 Transformational Resilience Incubator Workshops Berkeley
4/26/2017 The State of Biking in San Francisco San Francisco
4/26/2017 Food Policy and Action: The Future of Food and Course Synthesis with Sam Kass Berkeley
4/26/2017 City of Berkeley Energy Commission Meeting Berkeley
4/27/2017 Navigating the Environmental Compliance Process for Wetland Projects in San Francisco Bay and Outer Coast Tiburon
4/27/2017 Webinar: Building a Culture of Human Resilience Within Communities for Climate-Enhanced Traumas and Toxic Stresses
4/27/2017 Home Smoked Meats 101: Fish, Bacon, Sausage and Brisket Berkeley
4/27/2017 Film Screening and Discussion: Darwin’s Nightmare Berkeley
Plant Medicine Magik with Shooting Star Botanicals Oakland
Northern California Seaweeds Bodega Bay
Seaweed Wildtending Adventure Little River
4/29/2017 East Bay Cohousing Bus Tour
4/29/2017 Maintaining Your New Garden Workshop in Livermore Livermore
4/29/2017 Workshop: Planting and Cooking with Herbs San Francisco
4/29/2017 Workshop: Pest Management the Organic Way San Francisco
4/29/2017 UC Botanical Garden Spring Plant Sale San Francisco
4/29/2017 Beginning Eco-Prints and Shibori with Monique Risch-Meade Sebastopol
4/29/2017 César Chávez Holiday Parade and Festival San Francisco
4/29/2017 Beginning Beekeeper Class Berkeley
4/29/2017 Understanding Plant Families with Pam Pierce Castro Valley
4/29/2017 People’s Climate Mobilization Oakland
4/30/2017 Berkeley Vegan Earth Day Berkeley
4/30/2017 Fancy Food Workshop: A Curated Collection of Food Preservation Skills Emeryville
4/30/2017 Native Bee Workshop Berkeley
5/1/2017 Climate Contingent at May Day March Oakland
5/2/2017 UC Berkeley Student Environmental Resource Center Gala Berkeley
5/2/2017 Will Berkeley Divest from Wells Fargo Berkeley
5/3/2017 Lecture: David Johnson and Regenerative Ag to Solve Climate Change Healdsburg
Bay-Friendly Rater Training Hayward
5/3/2017 Berkeley Food Institute Research Showcase Berkeley
5/4/2017 UC ANR Bay Area Urban Agriculture Workshop: Production Issues and Urban Farms: Albany
5/4/2017 Towards a Photosynthetic Architecture Oakland
5/4/2017 How Cities Can Solve the Climate Challenge San Francisco
5/4/2017 Normal is Over: A Story About Solutions Berkeley
California Straw Building Association Conference Petaluma
5/5/2017 Sunflower Alliance Education Committee: Training to Teach Climate Literacy Oakland
5/6/2017 Gardening 101: The Basics San Pablo
5/6/2017 Garden Workshop: Designing for Habitat Ross
5/6/2017 Oakland Lawn to Garden Party Oakland
Bay Area Bringing Back the Natives Tour
5/6/2017 Pollinators in the Garden with Victoria Rocha Oakland
5/7/2017 City of Albany Arts and Greens Festival Albany
5/7/2017 Beekeeping Workshop: Making Splits and Nucs
5/8/2017 The New Birds and the Bees: Conversations About Climate San Francisco
5/10/2017 The Songs of Trees: David Haskell in Conversation with Elizabeth Allison San Francisco
5/10/2017 CERT Volunteer Meeting: How to Revive, Inspire, and Motivate Others to Be Better Prepared Berkeley
5/11/2017 Sonoma County Zero Waste Symposium San Francisco
5/11/2017 Acta Non Verba: Annual Benefit Gala Reception Berkeley
5/11/2017 Worker-Owned Food Enterprises: Keep Your Money Truly Local Oakland
5/11/2017 Banking on Change at Standing Rock San Francisco
5/12/2017 Sierra Club Green Drinks and Presentation: Susan JuneFish of Parents for a Safer Environment Berkeley
5/13/2017 Edible Schoolyard Plant Sale Berkeley
5/13/2017 Beginning Beekeeper Class Berkeley
5/13/2017 Enjoy and Help Care for Berkeley’s Rock Parks Berkeley
5/13/2017 The How and Why of Tree Pruning Oakland
5/13/2017 Homesteading 101: Adding Edibles to Your Garden Palo Alto
5/13/2017 Homesteading 101: Adding Edibles to Your Garden Palo Alto
5/14/2017 Workshop: Vegetative Propagation of California Native Plants Berkeley
5/14/2017 Workshop: Backyard Beekeeping Berkeley
5/15/2017 Oakland Veg Week: Sustainable Monday Oakland
5/16/2017 Greenbelt Alliance: Farms and Ranches Forever Fest San Francisco
5/16/2017 Alameda Backyard Growers Presents: Integrated Pest Management for Weeds Alameda
5/17/2017 Summer Fruit Tree Pruning and Thinning for Quality Palo Alto
5/18/2017 Beyond Energy Efficiency Conference San Leandro
5/18/2017 UC ANR Bay Area Urban Agriculture Workshop: Legal Basics of Urban Farming Oakland
5/19/2017 Recology® San Francisco Artist in Residence Exhibitions: Work by Carrie Hott, Cybele Lyle and Nathan Byrne San Francisco
5/20/2017 Garden Preservation: Kimchi and Kraut San Francisco
5/20/2017 Workshop: Eat What You Grow San Pablo
5/20/2017 Oakland VegFest Oakland
5/20/2017 Hands-On Hive Inspection Class
5/20/2017 Alameda Girls Inc: Ethical Fashion Show Alameda
5/21/2017 Annual El Cerrito Hillside Festival El Cerrito
5/21/2017 Year Round Varroa Mite Management aka How to Have Your Hive Survive the Winter Oakland
5/24/2017 Organic Gardening 101: How to Grow Without Pesticides Palo Alto
5/24/2017 Heat Pump Water Heater Workshop Palo Alto
5/25/2017 Natural Color: Vibrant Plant Dye Projects for Your Home and Wardrobe Ross
5/27/2017 Intermediate Container Gardening Alameda
Third Annual Bay Area Book Festival: Galvanizing the Resistance via Literature Berkeley
6/3/2017 Workshop: Honey Harvesting Oakland
6/3/2017 A Greener Indigo with Barbara Shapiro Sebastopol
6/3/2017 SunWork: Volunteer Solar Installer Orientation Berkeley
6/8/2017 UC ANR Bay Area Urban Agriculture Workshop: Food Safety Basics for Urban Farmers
6/8/2017 Building Human Resilience: A Powerful Force for Ecological Restoration
6/10/2017 Beginning Beekeeper Class Berkeley
6/10/2017 Go from Lawn to Garden with Sheet Mulch Oakland
6/17/2017 Workshop: Demystifying Your Irrigation System San Francisco
6/17/2017 Beginning Herbal Medicine Making El Sobrante
6/17/2017 Summer Fruit Tree Thinning and Pruning for Quality Palo Alto
6/20/2017 Webinar: Building Human Resilience for Climate and Environmental Activists and Other Non-Mental Health Professionals
6/22/2017 UC ANR Bay Area Urban Agriculture Workshop: Marketing and Business Management for Urban Farmers
6/24/2017 Organic Gardening 101: How to Grow Without Pesticides Palo Alto
7/8/2017 Folk Textiles of Japan: Plant Fibers & Dyes with Yoshiko Wada Berkeley
7/9/2017 Film Screening: Blue Alchemy Stories of Indigo Berkeley
7/15/2017 Gardening All Year: Preparing Your Garden for Fall San Pablo
8/12/2017 Gardening with Native Plants and Wild Seed Collection Oakland
8/13/2017 Carbon Farming Education Day Tomales
9/9/2017 How to Grow and Use Medicinal Herbs Palo Alto
9/9/2017 How to Grow and Use Medicinal Herbs Palo Alto
9/17/2017 Creating an Herbal Apothecary El Sobrante
9/23/2017 Climate Change in California: Past, Present, and Future Berkeley
10/7/2017 Insect–Induced Plant Galls of California Berkeley
10/14/2017 Fall Fruit Tree Pruning for Beauty and Bounty Palo Alto
Mushrooms of the Bay Area Berkeley