Bay Area EcoCalendar

The Bay Area EcoCalendar is a extensive listing of local environmental classes, workshops, exhibits, tours, films, and other events. Subscribe to receive a bi-weekly email version of the EcoCalendar. To submit an event for consideration, please email a brief description of the event, including: what, when, where, who, how much $, and any contact info, preferably at least two weeks in advance of the event.

Ecology Center Events

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Date Title Location
4/26/2015 Ecology Center Members’ Farm Tour: Beginning Farmers Berkeley
4/28/2015 Bauman College Cooking Demonstration Berkeley
5/2/2015 Wild Fermentation with the Phat Beetz Youth Pickle Co. Berkeley
5/23/2015 Lentil Underground featuring author Liz Carlisle and the BASIL Seed Library Berkeley
5/30/2015 Annual Family Fun Festival Berkeley

Community Events

Date Title Location
through 5/22/2015 Course: Ecological Landscaper Immersion Program Sebastopol
through 5/16/2015 Healthy Communities Leadership Academy San Mateo
through 10/3/2015 Permaculture Design Course Sebastopol
through 9/27/2015 Edible and Medicinal Plants of California: A bioregional Exploration (12 Month Course) Ukiah
through 11/22/2015 Taxonomy Master Class in California Native Plants Berkeley
through 5/20/2015 EcoArt Matters Class Oakland
through 5/22/2015 Merritt College Course: Urban Agroecology Oakland
through 4/27/2015 Livestreaming Edible Education 101: The Rise and Future of the Food Movement Oakland
through 9/20/2015 Bees: Tiny Insect Big Impact Oakland
through 6/6/2015 Edible Garden Series: From Design to Harvest Palo Alto
through 5/17/2015 Edible & Medicinal Flora of the California Deserts: A Bioregional Exploration of the Sonoran, Mojave, and Great Basin Ocotillo
through 5/11/2015 Webinar Series: What’s Energy Development Doing To Our Reproductive Health?
through 6/7/2015 The Urban Adamah Summer Fellowship Accepting Applications Berkeley
through 8/22/2015 Open for Registration: Food Justice and Aloha ‘Aina in Hawai‘i
through 4/26/2015 Intensive Training: 40 Hour Mediation and Conflict Resolution Berkeley
through 4/26/2015 UC Berkeley Earth Week Berkeley
through 5/5/2015 Watershed Restoration Class Oakland
through 11/8/2015 Urban Adamah Monthly Volunteer Days Berkeley
4/21/2015 Film Screening: Angel Azul San Francisco
4/21/2015 Film Screening: A Fierce Green Fire, The Battle for a Living Planet San Francisco
4/21/2015 Litterati Art Exhibit Opening Reception Alviso
4/21/2015 Tuolumne River Film and Culture Festival Atherton
Certified Green Building Professional Training Oakland
4/23/2015 Transfer Station Tour: Waste Diversion in Action San Leandro
4/23/2015 Film Screening: Speciesism, The Movie San Francisco
Gamble Garden Spring Tour 2015: There is No Place Like Home Palo Alto
4/24/2015 Oakland Hip Hop Green Dinner Oakland
4/25/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
4/25/2015 Camina, Corre Y Celebrar: BAHIA Inc. 40 Aniversario Berkeley
4/25/2015 Lawn to Garden Work Party San Lorenzo
4/25/2015 Workshop: Irrigation Efficiency Lafayette
4/25/2015 Soil Sustainability Palo Alto
4/25/2015 Lose Your Lawn Demonstration San Francisco
4/25/2015 How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Albany
4/25/2015 Annual Benefit Dinner: Restore Hetch Hetchy Berkeley
4/26/2015 Attract Wildlife With Native Plants Fremont
4/26/2015 Mushroom Cultivation Oakland
4/27/2015 Berkeley Bike Plan – Open House Berkeley
4/27/2015 Discussion on Pending Legislation in the Cities of Berkeley and San Francisco: Climate Change ‘Information Labels’ on Gas Pumps San Francisco
4/28/2015 Film Screening: The Future of Energy El Cerrito
4/29/2015 Getting to Know Our In-Laws: Accessory Dwelling Units in SF San Francisco
5/1/2015 Berkeley Public School Gardening and Cooking Program Annual Gala Berkeley
5/3/2015 Chickens 201: Expand Your Chicken Knowledge Berkeley
5/3/2015 Annual Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour
California Farm to School Conference Pacific Grove
5/4/2015 New Opportunities in Community-Based Solar Energy Oakland
5/5/2015 Annual Park Advocacy Day Sacramento
California Ride and Retreat
5/7/2015 Rising Sun Bright Night Berkeley
5/9/2015 Gardens All Abuzz: Partnering with Pollinators Berkeley
5/9/2015 Micro-Farming : Quail Oakland
5/10/2015 Urban Goats and Small Scale Dairy Berkeley
Annual Farm to Home Wool Festival Valley Ford
Bay Area Maker Faire San Mateo
5/16/2015 Gardening with California Native Plants in a Water-Tight World Palo Alto
5/16/2015 Workshop: Knife Sharpening and Tool Care
Greywater Installers Course Oakland
5/17/2015 Connecting the Dots: Refinery Healing Walks Martinez
5/17/2015 Workshop: Make Your Own Miso! Berkeley
5/17/2015 Putting the Squeeze on Varroa Mites Berkeley
5/17/2015 Workshop: Canning Extravaganza! Oakland
5/19/2015 New Developments in Inverters and Photovoltaic System Design San Mateo
5/20/2015 Food First Anniversary Panel Emeryville
5/21/2015 Annual Clean Air Awards San Francisco
5/21/2015 Bubbles and Bivalves: A Fundraiser for The Watershed Project San Francisco
California Women Of Color Herbal Symposium Philo
5/28/2015 San Francisco Botanical Garden Anniversary Celebration San Francisco
5/30/2015 Wild Medicine: Herbal Remedies From Garden Weeds
5/31/2015 Honey Harvesting Berkeley
5/31/2015 How to Install a Netafirm Drip Irrigation System Lafayette
5/31/2015 Backyard Beekeeping Berkeley
5/31/2015 Natural Insulation Panel – Wool, Hemp and Mushrooms Berkeley
6/7/2015 Mead & Melomel: Making Fruit and Honey Wines Oakland
6/10/2015 All About Dehydration Berkeley
Ecological Landscaper Immersion Sebastopol
6/16/2015 Pollinator Tour of the Garden Berkeley
6/20/2015 Connecting the Dots: Refinery Healing Walks Benicia
6/27/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
6/27/2015 The Buzz about Bees Palo Alto
7/18/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
7/19/2015 Connecting the Dots: Refinery Healing Walks Rodeo
California Higher Education Sustainability Conference San Francisco
8/29/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
9/26/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
10/31/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley