Bay Area EcoCalendar

The Bay Area EcoCalendar is a extensive listing of local environmental classes, workshops, exhibits, tours, films, and other events. Subscribe to receive a bi-weekly email version of the EcoCalendar. To submit an event for consideration, please email a brief description of the event, including: what, when, where, who, how much $, and any contact info, preferably at least two weeks in advance of the event.

Ecology Center Events

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Date Title Location
10/7/2014 Is Soda the New Tobacco? Berkeley
10/9/2014 Big Soda & the Environment Berkeley
10/12/2014 Sunday Streets Berkeley Brings Car-Free Fun to Shattuck Avenue Berkeley
10/14/2014 Tiny Houses Berkeley
10/16/2014 The Zero Food Waste Forum Berkeley
10/18/2014 Cooking Demo with HuNia’s Kitchen Berkeley
10/18/2014 Feeding the 5000 Oakland Oakland
10/22/2014 Wild Wisdom of Weeds: 13 Essential Plants for Human Survival Berkeley
10/26/2014 BASIL Seed Library Work Party Berkeley

Community Events

Date Title Location
through 5/22/2015 Course: Ecological Landscaper Immersion Program Sebastopol
through 10/3/2014 Summertime Fun Recycling Berkeley
through 10/11/2014 Human Chimeras Art Exhibition San Francisco
through 12/12/2014 Edible Landscaping Class at Merritt College Oakland
through 12/9/2014 EcoArt Matters Class Oakland
through 2/28/2015 Advanced Permaculture Practicum (6 Month Permaculture Apprenticeship Training) Bolinas
through 12/17/2014 Seeds Community Resolution Center’s: Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Class Berkeley
through 12/11/2014 Beyond Green: Introduction to Green Building and Design Oakland
through 10/3/2014 What River Are You Made Of? Tuolumne Inside Out Art Exhibit San Francisco
through 10/3/2014 What River Are You Made Of? Tuolumne Inside Out Art Exhibit San Francisco
through 11/18/2014 One Planet Film Festival Moraga
through 10/4/2014 Fruit Tree Tour – Seeking Volunteers
through 10/24/2014 Ecological Justice Not Ecological Impairment: Co-Creating a Healthier and Ecologically Just World Oakland
through 5/16/2015 Healthy Communities Leadership Academy
through 11/24/2014 Explorations in Traditional Western Herbalism San Anselmo
through 11/22/2014 Fall Urban Permaculture Design — SF San Francisco
through 10/27/2014 Beginning Birding – Morning Session Berkeley
through 10/27/2014 Beginning Birding – Evening Session Berkeley
through 10/29/2014 Advanced Beginning Birding Berkeley
through 10/21/2014 A Happy Belly San Anselmo
through 10/2/2014 HVAC Fundamentals: New Ideas for Novices (2 Day Class) San Francisco
10/1/2014 Integrating Paleoethnobotanical Approaches in the Study of Food: a Case Study from the Peruvian Preceramic Berkeley
10/1/2014 Food and Labor: Forging a Truly Sustainable Food Policy Agenda for California Berkeley
10/1/2014 Food and Labor: Forging a Truly Sustainable Food Policy Agenda for California in 2015 Berkeley
10/1/2014 Greywater, an Alternative Water Supply for LA? Los Angeles
10/1/2014 Growing Legal Support for the Local Clothing Industry Oakland
10/1/2014 Growing Legal Support for the Local Clothing Industry Oakland
10/2/2014 The Wisdom to Survive: A Documentary on Climate Change, Capitalism and Community Berkeley
10/2/2014 Healing Herbs for Fall & Winter Cooking Berkeley
10/3/2014 Oil on Rails San Francisco
10/3/2014 Indestructible: Stories of Fierce Leadership Oakland
Hoes Down Harvest Celebration Guinda
Solar Training: Intro to Photovoltaics Hopland
10/4/2014 Regional Parks Botanic Garden Fall Native Plant Sale Berkeley
10/4/2014 Gardening for Native Bees Oakland
10/4/2014 Global March for the Elephants and Rhinos San Francisco
10/4/2014 North Richmond Shoreline Festival Richmond
10/4/2014 Class: Autumn Health with Herbs Berkeley
10/4/2014 Fall and Winter Pruning San Leandro
10/5/2014 Bringing Back the Natives Workshop: Mow No Mo’! East of Walnut Creek
10/5/2014 Bay Area Rights of Nature Ethics Tribunal Oakland
10/5/2014 Family Program: Foods of the Americas Family Day Berkeley
10/5/2014 SF Bay Area Permaculture Action Day Albany
10/5/2014 Quick and Easy Home Cheesemaking with the San Francisco Milk Maid Oakland
10/5/2014 Prepping Your Garden for Fall Lafayette
10/5/2014 Worm Bins for Home Composting of Kitchen Scraps Alameda
10/5/2014 OAEC Tour and Open Nursery Occidental
10/5/2014 Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Free Tour Occidental
The Economics of Sustainability Conference San Francisco
10/6/2014 Social Action and Agrifood Movements: Diversity, Aims and Outcomes Berkeley
10/6/2014 Transition Berkeley Ohlone Crop Swap Berkeley
2014 Cal-IPC Symposium “Wildland Weeds and Water” Chico
10/8/2014 Legal Cafe at Impact HUB Berkeley Berkeley
Class: Trees of Berkeley Berkeley
10/8/2014 APA Tree Talk: Garden Design, and Pre-Talk Dessert (not Desert!) Social Berkeley
10/8/2014 Fall and Winter Gardening in the East Bay with Author Pam Peirce Oakland
Birds of the Bay Area Berkeley
10/9/2014 The San Francisco Bay Gala San Francisco
10/9/2014 Class: Fall Fruit with Catherine Watters Berkeley
10/9/2014 Production to Picture to Personhood: Food, Representation and Identity in Contemporary American Cultures Berkeley
10/9/2014 Back to the Future: A Benefit for the Tuolomne River Trust Oakland
10/10/2014 The Nonprofit Communications Institute Oakland
10/10/2014 Cornel West in Conversation with Astra Taylor San Francisco
Daily Acts Permaculture Design Certification with Toby Hemenway Petaluma
10/11/2014 Wildlife Conservation Expo San Francisco
10/11/2014 Berkeley Indigenous Peoples Day Powwow & Indian Market Berkeley
10/11/2014 Greywater Design and Installation Workshop Richmond
Organic Gardening in a Drought Palo Alto
10/11/2014 Choosing and Using Fool Proof Plants San Leandro
10/12/2014 Plant Walk: Wild Medicines and Foods of Devil’s Gulch Lagunitas
10/12/2014 Greywater Design and Installation Workshop Los Angeles
10/12/2014 Great Soil from the Ground Up Oakland
10/12/2014 City Goats
10/13/2014 Transition Berkeley Ohlone Crop Swap Berkeley
One Small Planet: Climate Action as Practice
10/14/2014 Updates on the Front Lines of the Climate Fight San Francisco
10/14/2014 Extreme Adaption Albany
10/15/2014 Container Natives: Growing for Color, Texture, and Blooms with Pete Veilleux of East Bay Wilds Native Plant Nursery Oakland
10/15/2014 Farm Habitat Restoration Tour: Riparian Restoration Along Tres Pinos Creek Tres Pinos
10/15/2014 REVEL in the Rainforest San Francisco
10/16/2014 Disability Employment Awareness Conference and Training Emeryville
10/16/2014 Habitat Restoration at Monkeyflower Ranch Watsonville
10/16/2014 National Bioneers Conference: Three Sisters Farming: Indigenous Women, Plants, and Foodways Novato
10/16/2014 National Bioneers Conference: California: Global Game-Changer for Climate Leadership? San Rafael
10/16/2014 Central Coast Rangelands Coalition Fall 2014 Membership Meeting: Helping Each Other Weather the Worst of Times Byron
10/16/2014 LIVE Awards + Benefit San Francisco
Bioneers Conference San Rafael
10/17/2014 Berkeley City College’s 40th Anniversary Berkeley
10/17/2014 Cold Process Soap Making 101 Point Richmond
Permaculture Design Course Sebastopol
Piedmont, Italy: Small Farmers, Organic Agriculture and Terra Madre Piedmont
10/18/2014 Missing 32% Project Symposium San Francisco
10/18/2014 Tree Planting Day Berkeley
10/18/2014 Berkeley/Albany Citywide Emergency Exercise Berkeley
10/18/2014 Mushroom Cultivation Hopland
10/18/2014 Bringing Back the Natives Workshop: Gardening with Nature in Mind Walnut Creek
10/18/2014 Family Pumpkin Carving with Pollinate Farm & Garden and Outdoor Afro Oakland
10/18/2014 The Plant Exchange Oakland
10/18/2014 International Young Eco-Heroes Awards San Francisco
10/18/2014 All Natural Sun-screen Berkeley
10/19/2014 Native Plant Sale Extravaganza
10/19/2014 Magical Mystery Farm Tour Berkeley
10/19/2014 OAEC Tour and Open Nursery Occidental
10/19/2014 Fixing Your Relationship with Your Soil Pleasanton
10/19/2014 Volunteer Work Day Berkeley
10/19/2014 Fall into Fall: Seasonal Preserving with Shakirah Simley San Lorenzo
10/19/2014 Sunday Suppers East Bay Oakland
10/20/2014 National Bioneers Conference: Food System Resilience from Homestead to Community and Beyond San Rafael
10/20/2014 National Bioneers Conference: Feminomics: Reinventing Economics That Work for All Life San Rafael
10/20/2014 Vandana Shiva: The Rights of Mother Earth Berkeley
Annual Steelhead Summit Ventura
10/21/2014 Brower Youth Awards San Francisco
10/21/2014 Reel to Real Film Series: Lost Rivers Berkeley
10/22/2014 Greywater Systems in Los Angeles Los Angeles
Living the New Economy Convergence
10/23/2014 The Low Down on Pee and Poo: Composting toilets and urine reuse (LA) Los Angeles
10/23/2014 Water Fights: California Water Bond Berkeley
10/24/2014 Webinar: The Future of Green Buildings
Edible and Medicinal Plants of California: A bioregional Exploration (12 Month Course) Ukiah
10/25/2014 Free Compost for Berkeley Residents Berkeley
Beyond Green: Introduction to Green Building Lab Oakland
10/25/2014 Make a Difference Day Berkeley
Bringing Back the Natives Workshop: Gardening with Nature in Mind Walnut Creek
10/25/2014 Big Gardens in Small Spaces: The Adventures in Container Gardening Lafayette
10/25/2014 Gardening on a Budget Mill Valley
10/26/2014 Chickens 201: Expand Your Chicken Knowledge! Berkeley
10/26/2014 Bringing Back the Natives Workshop: Gardening for Native Bees Oakland
10/26/2014 California Bees and Blooms – Bee-friendly Habitat Gardening Oakland
10/26/2014 Candlemaking with Beeswax Berkeley
10/26/2014 Mushroom Cultivation Oakland
Introduction to Recycling San Francisco
Starting and Sustaining Intentional Communities Occidental
10/28/2014 Chasing Water San Francisco
10/29/2014 Professional Development Grant Proposal Deadline Lingle
11/1/2014 Bringing Back the Natives Workshop: Seed Saving Walnut Creek
11/1/2014 Cold Process Soap Making 101 Point Richmond
11/1/2014 Class: Make Your Own Salve and Lotion Berkeley
11/2/2014 Ferment The Fall Harvest! Berkeley
11/2/2014 Cheesemaking: Gouda Berkeley
11/2/2014 Dìa de los Muertos Celebration Berkeley
Bay Area Waterbirds in Winter Alameda
11/6/2014 Water Wise Homes Conference Berkeley
3-Day Ecology Action GROW BIOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-Farming Workshop Willits
The Ecology of Leadership – 6-Month Core Immersion Program Bolinas
Designing Edible Food Forests Occidental
11/8/2014 Berkeley Project Day Berkeley
11/8/2014 Family Program: Animals of the Garden Berkeley
11/8/2014 Lose Your Lawn Alameda
11/9/2014 Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping Oakland
11/9/2014 Sukkot: Turning Heritage Corn into Tortillas Berkeley