Bay Area EcoCalendar

The Bay Area EcoCalendar is a extensive listing of local environmental classes, workshops, exhibits, tours, films, and other events. Subscribe to receive a bi-weekly email version of the EcoCalendar. To submit an event for consideration, please email a brief description of the event, including: what, when, where, who, how much $, and any contact info, preferably at least two weeks in advance of the event.

Ecology Center Events

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Date Title Location
2/28/2015 Sheet Mulching at the EcoHouse Berkeley
3/5/2015 Annual Clean Power Healthy Communities Conference Oakland
3/7/2015 16th Annual Bay Area Seed Swap & Celebration Berkeley
3/8/2015 BASIL Seed Sorting Volunteer Day Berkeley
3/26/2015 Create Your Own Water-Wise Home and Landscape Berkeley

Community Events

Date Title Location
through 5/22/2015 Course: Ecological Landscaper Immersion Program Sebastopol
through 2/28/2015 Advanced Permaculture Practicum (6 Month Permaculture Apprenticeship Training) Bolinas
through 5/16/2015 Healthy Communities Leadership Academy San Mateo
through 3/28/2015 Training: Berkeley Marina Volunteer Program Berkeley
through 3/8/2015 Daily Acts Permaculture Design Certification with Toby Hemenway Petaluma
through 10/3/2015 Permaculture Design Course Sebastopol
through 9/27/2015 Edible and Medicinal Plants of California: A bioregional Exploration (12 Month Course) Ukiah
through 4/12/2015 The Ecology of Leadership – 6-Month Core Immersion Program Bolinas
through 11/22/2015 Taxonomy Master Class in California Native Plants Berkeley
through 2/28/2015 Action for Heroes: Looking for Young Eco Hero Applicants
through 3/31/2015 Randall Museum Meet the Animals: Live Presentations San Francisco
through 3/7/2015 Urban Permaculture Design Course San Francisco
through 5/20/2015 EcoArt Matters Class Oakland
through 5/22/2015 Merritt College Course: Urban Agroecology Oakland
through 3/18/2015 RecycleWorks Workshops: Learn About Resource Conservation Redwood City
through 4/27/2015 Livestreaming Edible Education 101: The Rise and Future of the Food Movement Oakland
through 9/20/2015 Bees: Tiny Insect Big Impact Oakland
through 3/12/2015 Training: Cross Cultural Dialogue: Enhancing your Abilities to Interact with Diverse Populations Berkeley
through 3/8/2015 Edible and Medicinal Plants of Mendocino County Ukiah
through 3/31/2015 Alameda County Healthy Homes Dept: No-Cost Grants, Loans to Fix Your Home!
2/28/2015 Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area San Francisco
2/28/2015 People’s Grocery Party: Grow Our Future, A Garden Event Oakland
2/28/2015 Gardening From The Ground Up: Water-Saving, Edible Plants Piedmont
3/1/2015 FarmSchool: Grazing On Grasslands 101 Vacaville
3/1/2015 Edible and Medicinal Plants of Sonoma County Jenner
3/1/2015 Backyard Beekeeping Berkeley
Seminar: Groundwater Regulation and Management Sacramento
3/2/2015 Slow Food and Ecological Economics: What Global Capitalism Cannot See Berkeley
3/3/2015 How Jamaica Plain is Building Working Class Leadership in the New Economy
3/4/2015 Brighton Avenue Pilot Green Street Project Public Meeting Albany
3/4/2015 Clean Cloud: Can Silicon Valley Tech Companies Be Green? San Francisco
3/4/2015 Gardening 101: The Basics Berkeley
Printing Possibilities with Natural Dyes Emeryville
3/5/2015 Webinar: Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Meal Pattern, What Californians Need to Know
3/5/2015 Traditional Diets Class Series with Jessica Prentice Part I Berkeley
3/5/2015 Film Screening and Community Discussion: The Garden Berkeley
3/5/2015 California Water 2015: Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Go? Mountain View
Edible Garden Series: From Design to Harvest Palo Alto
3/7/2015 Urban Composting San Francisco
3/7/2015 National Forest Foundation Fundraiser for Clean Water Oakland
3/8/2015 Workshop: Encountering Climate Change Oakland
3/8/2015 Workshop: How to Raise Your Own Chickens Lafayette
3/8/2015 Bees 201: Splits and Swarms Berkeley
3/8/2015 Ferment Dairy Berkeley
Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference
3/11/2015 Eat What You Grow Berkeley
3/12/2015 Traditional Diet Class Series with Jessica Prentice Part II Berkeley
3/12/2015 Community Art Show: Water Is Life Berkeley
3/12/2015 Film Screening: All Rivers, The Value of An American Watershed San Rafael
Mapping a New Geography of Hope: Women and the Land Point Reyes Station
3/13/2015 Save the Frogs Talk: Amphibian Conservation Berkeley
3/14/2015 Gardening with Nature in Mind Walnut Creek
3/14/2015 Planning A Year-Round Veggie Garden Palo Alto
3/14/2015 Lose Your Lawn San Francisco
3/14/2015 Heifer International Pierre Ferrari Talk: Women in Our Global Community Los Altos Hills
3/15/2015 Growing an Herbal Medicinal Garden Oakland
3/15/2015 Get Your Garden Growing Lafayette
3/15/2015 Stovetop Brewing Berkeley
3/15/2015 Sunday Suppers East Bay Oakland
3/17/2015 Film Screening: Cowspiracy San Francisco
3/17/2015 Film Screening: Brookford Almanac Berkeley
Principles of Waste Reduction & Recycling San Carlos
3/18/2015 Film Screening: Our Land in Transition Berkeley
3/18/2015 iNaturalist and Social Media for Conservation Oakland
3/19/2015 Traditional Diet Class Series with Jessica Prentice Part III Berkeley
3/19/2015 Conservation of California Grassland Birds San Francisco
Edible & Medicinal Flora of the California Deserts: A Bioregional Exploration of the Sonoran, Mojave, and Great Basin Ocotillo
Permaculture Design Course Occidental
3/21/2015 How to Remove Your Lawn: Sheet Mulching Workshop Oakland
3/21/2015 Workshop: Designing and Creating Resilient Tree-Based Plant Communities Berkeley
3/21/2015 Integrated Pest and Disease Management
3/21/2015 Planet-friendly Pest Control Palo Alto
3/22/2015 Bees 201 Hands-on: Build Your Own Hive Berkeley
3/22/2015 Bee Medicine Making with Honey, Beeswax, and Propolis Berkeley
3/22/2015 Bay Nature’s Annual Benefit Awards Dinner Oakland
3/24/2015 Water Conservation Showcase San Francisco
California Climate and Agriculture Summit Davis
3/24/2015 New Developments in Inverters and Photovoltaic System Design San Mateo
3/28/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
3/28/2015 Organic Gardening 101 Oakland
3/28/2015 Managing Pests and Plant Disease the Natural Way San Francisco
3/28/2015 Spring Plant Exchange Oakland
3/29/2015 Apicentric Beekeeping With The Kenyan Top Bar Hive Oakland
3/30/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
4/4/2015 Conscious Eating Conference Berkeley
4/4/2015 Urban Composting San Francisco
4/4/2015 Replace your Lawn with Drought-Tolerant Plants
Environmental Education & Natural History Intensive Training Point Reyes Station
Shake off the Winter Blues Plant Sale Walnut Creek
4/12/2015 Backyard Beekeeping Berkeley
4/12/2015 Landscape Art Show at Centro Latino Berkeley
4/14/2015 Bay Currents Talk: How the East Bay Got its Forest Albany
4/15/2015 Film Screening: The Great Invisible Berkeley
Intensive Training: 40 Hour Mediation and Conflict Resolution Berkeley
4/17/2015 Supporting Dogs and Cats with Herbal Remedies Workshop Oakland
4/18/2015 Seed Saving: Making the Harvest Last by Preserving What You’ve Grown, and Saving Seeds Walnut Creek
4/19/2015 Annual Berkeley Vegan Earth Day Berkeley
4/19/2015 Merritt College Course: Introduction to Restoration and Monitoring of Watercourses Oakland
4/19/2015 Landscape Art Show at Centro Latino Berkeley
4/19/2015 Sunday Suppers East Bay
4/21/2015 Litterati Art Exhibit Opening Reception Alviso
4/25/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
4/25/2015 Soil Sustainability Palo Alto
4/25/2015 Annual Benefit Dinner: Restore Hetch Hetchy Berkeley
4/26/2015 Attract Wildlife With Native Plants Fremont
4/26/2015 Mushroom Cultivation Oakland
5/3/2015 Chickens 201: Expand Your Chicken Knowledge Berkeley
California Ride and Retreat
5/9/2015 Gardens All Abuzz: Partnering with Pollinators Berkeley
Annual Farm to Home Wool Festival Valley Ford
5/16/2015 Gardening with California Native Plants in a Water-Tight World Palo Alto
Greywater Installers Course Oakland
5/17/2015 Putting the Squeeze on Varroa Mites Berkeley
5/31/2015 Honey Harvesting Berkeley
5/31/2015 How to Install a Netafirm Drip Irrigation System Lafayette
5/31/2015 Backyard Beekeeping Berkeley
6/27/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
6/27/2015 The Buzz about Bees Palo Alto
7/18/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
California Higher Education Sustainability Conference San Francisco
8/29/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
9/26/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
10/31/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley