The Science of Sugar & Its Bitter Impact on Health, 9/4/14

20140815sodaseriessmallAre all calories the same? What’s all the fuss about sugar? Sugary drinks are causing health epidemics and driving up medical costs. At a panel event at the Hillside Club on September 4, Robert Lustig, John Swartzberg, June Tester, and Pat Crawford will share the latest research and discuss the impact on our future.

This event is the first part of Soda: the Series, which offers conversations about sugary drinks and their impact on the health of our families, community and environment. Experts will discuss the science of sugary drinks, tactics of the soda industry, and disease prevention efforts. These events take place in the run-up to the November election, when Berkeley will vote on Measure D, a tax on sugary drinks. Soda: the Series is sponsored by the Berkeley Healthy Child Coalition, Ecology Center, Public Health Institute, Prevention Institute and Small Planet Institute. Click here for more details on the event, and save the date for September 4th!

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2 thoughts on “The Science of Sugar & Its Bitter Impact on Health, 9/4/14

  1. Any chance you will record this series and make it available on the web as a podcast or whatever?
    Also I do not readily see a link to the entire series listing

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